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Re: Dinosaur Heresies

Derek Tearne (derek@fujitsu.co.nz) writes:

>John Rowe replies:

I have a brother named John, but really, I'm Mickey :-)

>> ... You might also want to compare the diets of various species of
>> bears.  At the extreme you have the polar bear that eats essentially
>> nothing but meat, and the giant panda that eats nothing but
>> vegetation.
>The giant panda is not a bear, although it is certainly bearlike.  

You're the second person to make this claim.  If anyone else can shed
light on the subject (privately perhaps since we're drifting off the
topic of dinosaurs--I'll forward responses to anyone who asks) I'd
like to hear about it.  Last I recall the bear/raccoon controversy in
giant panda affinity was resolved in favor of the bear.  Am I wrong?

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)

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