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too quiet on the western front

  I am compelled to post something here mostly as a test since I haven't
received any postings in several days and I am wondering if everything is still
working okay. So here's a question that I'll pose for this purpose (yes, I was
going to ask it eventually anyway).

  I just read somewhere that someone (sorry to be vague here, but memory cells
die at the rate of millions per second after the age of 16) had figured out that
the many *species* of hadrosaurs (based on different head crests) were actually
just a few species, with gender and age differences. Can anyone tell which
*species* or *genera* of hadrosaurs are no longer considered true, and how they
relate to accepted species? (Fictional example: ex-Anatosaurus now determined
to be a female or immature male example of Corythosaurus.)