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China Claims World's Top Dinosaur Egg Collection

China Claims World's Top Dinosaur Egg Collection

         BEIJING (Reuter) - A Chinese businessman has amassed the
world's largest private collection of dinosaur eggs and now
plans to donate them to the state, the official Xinhua news
agency said Thursday.
         Li Guangling began collecting the fossilized eggs last year
and so far has gathered about 2,000, it said.
         In the collection is the world's single largest dinosaur
egg, a double-shelled egg and an egg ``which is still soft
inside,'' Xinhua said.
         China says that before a large cache of dinosaur egg fossils
were discovered in Xixia county in central Henan province in
early 1993, there were only about 500 known examples of such
eggs worldwide.
         Beijing has decreed it illegal to excavate the eggs
privately, and Li bought his through intermediaries so as not to
directly encourage farmers to dig them out, Xinhua said.
         After spending close to $114,000 on his collection, Li is
now gathering scientists together to begin researching them in
hopes of presenting findings to a world conference on geology
scheduled for 1996.