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Re: Question.

J. Saseen wrote:
 > SWF wrote:
 > >He did what is known as allometric analysis to show that all but<
 > >one or two of the described species of Corythosaurus belonged to<
 > >a *single* species, Corythosaurus casuarius,  ...
 > >As a results there are two valid genera, Corythosaurus and<
 > >Lambeosaurus, and three valid species.<
 > What about Parasaurolophus? Are they grouped in with the above
 > genera?

No, Parasaurolophus is a very different genus.  It has either two
or three valid species (last I looked), one of which is known by
a single, probably female, specimen (Parasaurolphus curticristatus,
that is "short crested Parasaurolophus").

There are actually a number of genera of lambeosaurine hadrosaurs,
that is "hollow-crested deck-bills", the ones we have just discussed
are just the most widely known.

In addition there is a very large number of hadrosaurines, that
is "non-crested and solid-crested duck-bills".

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