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Re: Fossils Preparation

Ron Baalke wrote:

>I've recently obtained a trilobyte that needs some preparation work.
>I've never done this before, so was wondering how to get started.
>The trilobyte came from Morroco and is on matrix typical for most of
>the fossils from that country.  I have been looking at the Dremel
>Moto-Tools with a flexible shaft.  Is this to best tool to start with,
>or are there better ways to remove the matrix?  I'm not looking to
>spend a whole lot on the tools.  Also, does anybody know the difference
>between the 5950 Moto Tool and the 3950 Moto Tool?  Thanks for any help.

I found some nice trilobites in Utah last year and prep'ed them with an 
air abrasive tool using a mixture of compressed air and powdered dolomite.
This is the same kind of rig that is used to prep dinosaur bones and lots
of other fossils. 

If you have mucho matrix to go through, other tools(Dremel, etc.) are 
more efficient, but for the final prep and a nice clean, almost polished 
looking surface, the air abrasive is a great tool. However, access to one
of these may not be easy, I was lucky enough to have a local connection.