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Re: T. Rex

>Ok, am I out of date, or is this comment about claws & talons wrong?
>Gregory Paul (_Predatory Dinosaurs of the World_, p.321, 1988) says:

[ quote elided ]

Maybe the debate is more alive than I thought.  I base my remarks on
Bakker's statements in several recent dinosaur specials and in his books,
and it was his belief in the use of the claws that lead him to mount
his most recent rex in a kicking-like pose, as if leading with the foot
for an attack.

I really don't know how sharp they were, but recalling that ostriches
can and have disembowelled people with their kicks, I don't think it is
at all disparaging to compare them to rex talons.  Blunt they may be,
but even a butterknife can kill if wielded properly.  "Stun" damage doesn't
begin to describe it.

But I don't picture rex dispatching prey with the talons, I picture it
using the talons to grab and hold while using the jaws to do the real
damage.  It went to too much trouble to evolve that bite for the talons
to take much of a starring role, I suspect.

My own hunch is with Bakker.  It just doesn't _look_ like a scavenger.

Larry Smith