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T-rex in jovial vein...

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On Tue, 22 Mar 1994, The Patient One wrote:

> Does anyone know if these dinosaur skeleton models have been published, and if
> so, how might I get a copy of the book/newsletter/etc?
> > or Toshi Aoyagi (Toronto), who was his guide/interpreter in Japan. Toshi,
> > for those of you who don't know, published the English version of
> > Yoshino's T-rex skeleton.
> Would you mind supplying the name and source for this publication?

The book is entitled _Origami_Skeleton_of_Tyrannosaurus_rex_ and is by
Issei Yoshino and published by Toshi Aoyagi's Canadian company, Origami
Maple. It can be ordered from FOCA for US$10 (#B10-257). There is no ISBN
number as far I know.

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