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re: brontosaurus

Personally, I feel that if the brontosaurus is really a non-existent species
of dinosaur (wrong head on wrong body) than IT is the name that should NOT
be used.
When I was a kid I called them brontosauruses and when I was old enough to
find out the truth of the matter, I was actually ticked off. I felt like I
had been misled and lied to by all the books and museums and such.
If people who know that it should be called an apatosaurus use that name and
explain to others why brontosaurus is wrong, then apatosaurus will be used
by more and more.
I have found in my not-really-so-long life (35yrs) that most people do care
about using the correct name for things.
And the best way to get the name corrected in all those books and museums and
such is to keep insisting that the proper name be utilized.
After all, how many people in the general public (non-dino nuts) know that
the brontosaurus never even existed in any past reality, none that I've
enlightened to the fact. And all of them were glad to be informed of the
No one wants to feel like an idiot by using old bad incorrect information.

- Bec Howery
  Martin Marietta
  Moorestown, NJ