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re: brontosaurus

 > Personally, I feel that if the brontosaurus is really a non-existent
 > of dinosaur (wrong head on wrong body) than IT is the name that
 should NOT
 > be used.

No, no, no.  We just went through that.

The head error has *nothing* to do with the name problem.

Two very similar fragmentary skeletons were given two different
names by Othniel Marsh.  Later study, of more complete skeletons,
showed the two forms to be essentially the same.  This was at the
beginning of this century - *long* before the correct skull was

Because the first named skeleton was named Apatosaurus, that
is the correct name by the rules of priority.

Since the type specimens of these forms did *not* contain a skull,
the skull error has *no* nomenclatural significance.  [It *did*
effect taxonomy, since it kept Apatosaurus out of the family
Diplodocidae where it belongs].

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