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reconstructing dinosaurs

  The NOVA episode "The Real Jurassic Park" that got all this discussion going
implied that Horner had found DNA in non-mineralized bone cells. At the time
the episode was filmed, he had not published this yet. Can anyone update this
situation? Has he indeed found DNA there? Is it in better condition (larger
pieces) than what could be extracted from insects in amber?
  The NOVA episode also claimed that genetic manipulation had successful
produced birds with teeth, etc. Apparently the genetic programming from the
birds' ancestors is still there, but 'switched off'. Thus it seems likely that
would could produce a 'dromeosaur' with today's technology, that would in fact
be a 'true' dinosaur, instead of just a look-alike. Genetically changing an
elephant, on the other hand, might produce something that looked like a dinosaur
but might be behaviorally and functionally be very different. For example, it
would probably be warm-blooded, which tells us nothing about whether 'real'
dinosaurs were.
  I have heard that the Russians have been working with frozen mammoth remains
in Siberia for several decades now. I'm not surely exactly what they're trying
to do, but I haven't heard of any progress at all. Presumably they're trying to
find DNA fragments to 'cut & paste' into modern elephants to reconstitute
mammoths. Does anyone know any more about this?