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RE: Jurassic Park II

Rumor has it that it is being filmed on an island off Hawaii,
because Spielberg thought it looked like typical Jurassic jungle. The
island has the highest rainfall in Polynesia, but I can't remember
it's name. Anybody know anything else?

***** NOTES from Joe Sexton (JOE @ SEXTON) at 3/17/94 8:49p

I recall seeing a story the other day on one of the morning news shows 
(Good Morning America, I think) reporting that Michael Crichton is 
writing Jurassic Park II and that Speilberg is doing a film version.  
What I don't know is whether Crichton is going to write the book first 
and then do a screenplay, or whether the two are bein developed at the 
same time.  I know from experience that the project will be much better 
if the book comes first.  Usually when a book is written at the same time 
as a movie, or worse when the fiml comes first and is then novelized, 
things are usually pretty mediocre.  I have no doubt that the visual 
effects in the second film will surpass the first, but those of us who 
like a little plot thrown in are usually disappointed.  Let's hope not.

Joe Sexton

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