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Re: re: Loch Ness

Bob Myers replied:

>Really?  This brings up an interesting point.  Has anyone done any studies
>of plesiosaur/ichthyosaur/mosasaur distribution with respect to water
>temperature or at least latitude?

This is an interesting idea. It may provide evidence that plesiosaurs et al were
warm-blooded! But because of the movements of the continents, I'm not sure
exactly how you would gauge the water temperature at the fossil locations.

>The answer is not at all obvious to me; after all, fish and sea turtles are
>cold-blooded vertebrates that seem to survive just fine even in very cold
>ocean waters.

I don't know much about the range of sea turtles et al, I've always equated them
with tropical waters. Maybe I'm wrong. I seem to recall hearing that some fish
or mammals have blood with "anti-freeze" characteristics.

>Why do you believe Loch Ness is too cold for cold-blooded plesiosaurs?

This is not my idea. It is one of the most common arguments made against the
Loch Ness beastie. Maybe it's good to question it in detail.