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velociraptor in JP

Thomas R. HOLTZ wrote:

>>The animal Crichton used in the book was Deinonychus, although he followed
>>Greg Paul's synonymization.  Speilberg enlarged it in the movie for dramatic
>>reasons.  Utahraptor was not discovered until the movie of JP was several
>>months into production, so it was just fortuitous that a giant dromaeosaurid
>>was found to justify the big Speilberg raptors.
>>Thomas R. HOLTZ

> Scott <HORTON@BCRSSU.AGR.CA> wrote:
>I thought the book distinctly named and described Velociraptor. The movie,
>however, doubled the size of the animal. I guess they didn't want to depart
>from the name used in the book, though. The scene with Dr. Grant digging in
>the desert, I assumed, was a last minute change to reflect the discovery of
>Utahraptor. I don't recall this scene in the book. By the way, the book was
>MUCH better (and different) than the movie! If you haven't read the book, it's
>well worth while even if you've seen the movie.

Scott is right. From page 164 in Jurassic Park, paperback version:

species      expected  found
Velociraptor    8       37  (Uh-oh!!!)

Velociraptor is used throughout the book and movie. Spielberg thought
that a true-sized velociraptor was too small to have the desired effect
so he doubled the size. Utahraptor was discovered by paleontologist James
Kirkland on Oct. 13, 1991. There were certain people who knew that this
new raptor fit Spielberg's nicely, well before the movie was released. 
For a good discussion of this, see feature story "Cretaceous Park" by 
Bob Bakker, Earth magazine, September 1993.

Tom, are you sure you read the same book ? :-)