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> I assumed that the "Idaho" reference was the Columbia flood  
> Are you saying they are different events?

>Perhaps; the jury is still out on this. The Snake River (Idaho)  

>seem to be clearly related to a hot spot, whereas the Columbia River
>Basalts are more closely related to Cascade vulcanism and the events
>responsible to the Modoc Plateau in N. Oregon.  Also, these more
>western basalts are tholeiitic (ocean crust like), whereas the
>SRBasalts are not.

NO!  NO! NO!.  The original post containing the "Idaho" reference was  
made with reference to the age of the Manson impact site.  The  
original poster was in error.  The Manson site is here in Iowa not  
Idaho,  nor Ohio. And I work for the University of Iowa, in Iowa city  
Iowa,  not Idaho city Ohio.  

Bob McBurney