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Re: your mail

> > I assumed that the "Idaho" reference was the Columbia flood  
> basalts.
> > Are you saying they are different events?
> >Perhaps; the jury is still out on this. The Snake River (Idaho)  
> >Basalts 
> >seem to be clearly related to a hot spot, whereas the Columbia River
> >Basalts are more closely related to Cascade vulcanism and the events
> >responsible to the Modoc Plateau in N. Oregon.  Also, these more
> >western basalts are tholeiitic (ocean crust like), whereas the
> >SRBasalts are not.
> NO!  NO! NO!.  The original post containing the "Idaho" reference was  
> made with reference to the age of the Manson impact site.  The  
> original poster was in error.  The Manson site is here in Iowa not  
> Idaho,  nor Ohio. And I work for the University of Iowa, in Iowa city  
> Iowa,  not Idaho city Ohio.  

I think you've tripped over the thread here, which had only to do
with massive flood basalt events when I picked it up.  Idaho and
Deccan Traps were mentioned as two such locales; I was simply
amplifying the info.


rick adair