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Hot Spots, Meteors, Yellowstone , etc

        Nothing I have every read thought that the Craters of the Moon and
the Idaho basalts were related directly to the Yellowstone hotspot. They
are instead attributed to the Basin and Range spreading of the
intermountan west. 
        The Craters are only several thousand years old while the hot spot
went through that area several million years ago. Further the Idaho
basalts are underlain by rhyolites and andesites similar to those in the
Yellowstone-Island Park caldera area, and of the correct age to be from
the Yellowstone hot spot.
        Now it may be that the Yellowstone hotspot has caused the Basin
and Range spreading.  Some geologist say yes and some say no. 

        I have seen several references here to an Idaho meteor strike,
could someone give me the location? Is this the same as the 17MYO strike
Alt, Hyndman...etc discussed, but located in eastern Oregon? 

        Has anyone ever attributed a hot spot to the flood basalts of Siberia?


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