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Cryolophosaurus ellioti fossils found

This is taken from todays SF Chronicle:

>A dinosaur hunter working in Antartica has discovered the fossil >remains of a
meat-eating reptile that hunted its prey 170 million >years ago in the forests
of an ancient supercontinent.

>The Dinosaur belongs to a previously unknown species and apparently >roamed a
territory closer to the southern polar regions than any of its >relatives that
paleontologists had already discovered.

>The bones of the crested theropod, an ancestor of the huge and >ferocious
Tyrannosaurus rex, were uncovered only 400 miles from the >South Pole, in a
rock formation 13,000 feet high near the summit of >Mount Kirkpatrick.

>....It was about 25 feet long and stood at least 12 feet high, he said, >and
it hunted its prey swiftly - racing on its two hind legs and tearing >its
victim apart in the massive jaws that lined its deep, narrow skull, >which was
more than 2 feet long . On its head, it carried a tall spiny >crest, flanked by
two horns.