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Conference announcement

I just received a flyer for "Dino '94" in Wyoming. Here are some of the 
details as I look it over....

Co-sponsored by the Friends of the Tate Museum of Casper College and the 
Wyoming Geologic Association (WGA). It's the 44th WGA Field Conference 
from June 16 to 20, 1994 in Casper, Wyoming.

"The 5-day event is designed for all interest levels and is intended to 
be educational, informative, enjoyable, fascinating and fun. Professional 
papers will be presented in both oral and written format (WGA Guidebook), 
special evening events with famous dinosaur experts, kids and spouse 
activities, dinosaur art and poetry, field trips, and the mechanical 
creatures from Dinamation will be performing at Casper's Eastridge Mall."

Registration fees are in effect. The registration form and check is to be 
mailed to :
     Dino '94 Registration
     Tate Geologic Museum
     Casper College
     125 College Drive
     Casper, Wyoming 82601
I assume you may write them at the same address for your own copy of the 
registration form and for other information. Or you may call (307) 
268-2447 or fax (307) 268-2514 if you are interested.

[This author is in no way associated with this event.]

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