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RE: E-mail suggestion

> I suggest we alter the "Reply-To:" line in the e-mail header to 
> dinosaur@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu instead of reflecting the originator's 
> e-mail address as it does currently.

I agree (I nearly sent this to you alone!).

Another mailing list I subscribe to recently changed listserver, to one which 
did reflect the server's id rather than the originator.  There were a few 
teething troubles (some "interesting" personal mail broadcast to the list...), 
but it has made life much easier overall:  you can see which mail is which for 
quick skim, and reply easily.

Quoting people is slightly harder: you have to look for their mail-id -- most 
mail systems seem to include the x-mail wrapper in the message, and you can 
ferret around in that and find the originator...  It's a good policy to add a 
brief '.sig' with your personal name and mail-id so it's easier to see.


Either way, it's a fascinating list to read!

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