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  MOVEMENT:    Down arrow     - Highlight next topic
               Up arrow       - Highlight previous topic
               Right arrow,   - Jump to highlighted topic
               Return, Enter
               Left arrow     - Return to previous topic

  SCROLLING:   + (or space)   - Scroll down to next page
               - (or b)       - Scroll up to previous page

  OTHER:       ? (or H)       - Help (this screen)
               a              - Add the current link to your bookmark file
               c              - Send a comment to the document owner 
               d              - Download the current link
               e              - Edit the current file
               g              - Goto a user specified URL or file.
               i              - Show an index of documents
               m              - Return to main screen
               o              - Set your options
               p              - Print to a file, mail, printers, or other
               q              - Quit (Capital 'Q' for quick quit)
               /              - Search for a string within the current document
               s              - Enter a search string for an external search.
               n              - Go to the next search string
               v              - View your bookmark file
               z              - Cancel transfer in progress
               [backspace]    - Go to the history page
               =              - Show file and link info
               \              - Toggle document source/rendered view
               !              - Spawn your default shell
               CTRL-R         - Reload current file and refresh the screen
               CTRL-W         - Refresh the screen
               CTRL-U         - Erase input line
               CTRL-G         - Cancel input or transfer