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Re: E-mail suggestions

I've been a lurker on this list - reading but not posting - so I 
haven't run into the reply problems (until just now!). 

The usual method on most mailing lists I've seen is to keep the
original sender in the From: field, so that a reply goes to the
originator, however many mailers either have a "replyall" command 
( mush ) or will specifically ask "reply to all recipients?" (pine)
In which case, the other names in the To: and Cc: fields are added. 

"ListProcessor by Anastasios Kotsikonas"(*) has been legendary in 
doing a lot a weird things to mail headers ( Some, I assume,
in an attempt to remain compatable with ListServ, but it seems
to have added it's own set of quirks too. ) so maybe this is 
not a configuration option, but it is as close to a "standard"
way of doing thinks as there is. ( i.e. the general rule is to
be conservative w.r.t. modifying header fields. Some folks take
a more emphatic view and describe any software than mungs the 
headers as "broken". ) 

[ (*) The name was changed from "ListServ" or "ListServer" (I think)
  after numerous complaints from the author of the original ListServ 
  program that it did not actually follow that programs protocols. 
  Somewhere, I have archives of flames directed at Anastasios
  Kotsikonas on comp.mail.misc and other places, due to the 
  headaches his program has caused network/mail administrators and
  others. ] 

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