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Re: E-mail suggestion

Oh heck.  Since we have so many other people making comments...

I like the status quo.  In fact, when we first switched to the listserver,
it was set up the other way.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I for
one was becoming a bit annoyed with all the personal traffic on the mailing
list.   It was switched to the current system due to the problems it was
causing.   I don't want to go back again; we've done that already.

I wonder if we're seeing more postings from people who want replies to the
list because the people who'd rather see replies to the author are sending
mail to the author and/or Mickey instead of posting?  Just a thought. 

It's much easier to send comments to the list if replies default to the
author than it is to send replies to the author if replies default to the
list.   The difference is that the list is a constant address, while the
author varies (most of the time :-) ).

Of course, I *really* prefer the original reply situation, back when John
Matrow was running the list, but unfortunately the listserver does not
support that (not being built in to sendmail, I guess).  Most mailreaders
support some sort of reply-to-sender and reply-to-all commands, which would
reply to the author or the list, respectively.  Oh well.  The listserver
does help overall, but I do miss that feature of the old system.

Hopefully we'll stop discussing this soon and get back to dinosaurs.  Oh
boy, meta-discussions are just so much fun :-(.

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