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dinosaur list administrivia

In the interests of minimizing our usage of bandwidth and everyone's
valuable time, I'd like to ask again that if you want to vote about
the dinosaur list's setup, please send your messages to me rather than
to the list.  I will tabulate all of the votes and report statistics
(probably on friday).  If you've voted already, you don't need to vote

I'm also looking into other ways of making things easier without
investing in another software package (by "invest" I'm referring to
time only--listproc is free).  Along that line I want to clarify
something that a lot of people seem to be confused about.

Douglas opened this can of dromeosaurs by suggesting that the
"Reply-to:" field be changed.  Regardless of whether or not I make
that change, mail sent to the list will still be distributed as "From:
author of message" and "Sender: dinosaur@lepomis...".  I'm looking
into doing something about that as well, but it is a separate issue
and probably not changeable with listproc.

Thanks for your patience while we sort this out.

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)