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I think that must be Monolophosaurus.

 >  I see that Dilophosaurus
 > also had a crested skull, and have read various theories on the
 > hadrosaur crests.  Any comments or theories on these theropod skull

They would have basically the same function - species-specific
recognition and mate attraction.

[It is pretty well established now that hadrosaur crests combine
visual and acoustic recognition signals].

Actually, many theropods have crests, it is just that they are
usually *small*.   For instance, Tyrannosaurus actually has crests,
in the form of low horny ridges above the eyes.   And Allosaurus
has its own, different, pattern of horny ridges.

MY question about this beastie is: which group of theropods does
it belong to?  Is it related to Dilophosaurus, or Carnotaurus
(another large-crested theropod), or to Tyrannosaurus, or what?

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