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Closing remarks

It _is_ time to put this thing to rest.

I appreciate everyone's response to my e-mail suggestion. As per Mickey 
Rowe's two requests, please send all further correspondence regarding the 
"Reply-to:" header field directly to Mickey at 
rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu. I trust that Mickey will tally our votes 
accurately and oversee the listserv fairly.

Both Bob Myers and Mickey are correct that the header information depends 
on one's mail reader. (Mine displays nothing about "dinosaur." :( ) Also, 
thanks to Stan Friesen for suggesting viewing the extended header to 
catch this information. (My reader does not allow such parameter 
adjustments. :( )

Please forgive me (via private e-mail... :) ) for opening this "can of 
Dromeosaurs." I think you will like my future postings better.

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