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NBA Toronto Team Gets Jurassic Name

NBA-Toronto Team gets Jurassic Name 

         TORONTO (Reuter) - Toronto's new National Basketball
Association team is likely to take the name of a long-dead
dinosaur made famous in the blockbuster Stephen Spielberg movie
Jurassic Park, Canadian newspapers reported.
         Canada's three main newspapers all reported Friday that
Toronto's NBA expansion team will be called the Raptors, a
shortened version of the name for the velociraptor dinosaur.
         The name was chosen from a list of three finalists by team
and NBA officials after a nationwide vote cut the original list
of 10 to a toss-up between Raptors, Dragons and Bobcats.
         The name and logo of Canada's first NBA team will be
officially unveiled on Sunday in Toronto.
         The Toronto Star, Sun and the Globe and Mail all reported
the new team's name as the ``Raptors''. The Star said the team's
logo will be a snarling dinosaur dribbling a basketball.
         The Raptors are due to begin play in the 1995-96 NBA season.