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Re: Toronto's NBA basketball team.

Hi folks

I just subscribed to the list... another self-proclaimed Dino-nut !

My thanks to the providers and administrators of this service!!!

On Wed, 18 May 1994, Russ Jacobson wrote:

> >Yesterday, Toronto's NBA team name was announced....
> >The Toronto Raptors!!! The logo features a Velociraptor holding a
> >basketball in its claws and wearing running shoes with the toe claws 
> >piercing through.
> >
> >Vic.
This is great. I clipped an article from the paper showing the new logo.
My only reservation is that people will come to know "Raptors" as
one particular species (of course, I guess a certain movie has pretty much
ensured this already...). 

A friend of mine told me that one of the alternatives proposed was:
        "Torontosaurus Rex"

> Just for laughs see the signature below. My office mate tinkered around
> with mine yesterday and I liked it enough to add it to my sig.

Nice job! This looks like the pencil drawing sketch done for Jurassic Park,
only reversed...

> I definately will want to add one of their t-shirts to my dino t-shirt
> collection. I think it was a great choice by Toronto!

I'm jealous. Vancouver just got an NBA franchise too, and what do they
come up with ?  "The Mounties".   {hack} ... {barf}  How lame can you get!

..Dave Jones

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