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Re: Tyrannosaurus specimens

On Thu, 19 May 1994, Scott wrote:

> Paul (Janke?) listed 2 specimens as being on display at the Royal Tyrell 
> Museum.
> I was there last summer and only saw one (I couldn't have missed something as
> large as a T. rex!). Since one specimen was only 25% complete, and the other
> 70% complete, did they put together parts from the two specimens to make one
> more complete animal? Or has a second specimen gone on display since last 
> year?

I read that the T-Rex specimen on display next to the Triceratops was complete
except for the skull, so they "topped it off" with a casting of the skull
from the one at the American Museum of Natural History...
The second T-rex discovered in Alberta - named "Black Beauty - is currently
on display in the travelling exhibit "The Greatest Show Unearthed".


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