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Re: Re: Big Ed

[deleted- talk about "Big Ed"]
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>I do not have current information but I have seen a copy of an article by Dr.
>Bakker in which the little known dinosaur Epanterias was discussed.  According
>to the article Epanterias is found in Oklahoma and Colorado.  The dinosaur
>was supposed to have reached lengths of 50 feet or more.  Epanterias is
>currently concerned a large Allosaurus species.  
>There is also material from Oklahoma which was named Saurophagus which may
>be the same type of dinosaur as Edmarka, Epanterias, or again another very
>large Allosaurus.

Epanterias and Saurophagus are very likely the same thing, which is a very
advanced allosaurid.  Neither would reasonably be confused with
Edmarka/Torvosaurus, which is a very primitive theropod.  I presume the "Big
Ed" of Bakker's talk was Edmarka, since that name sounds more like "Ed" -
however, he may have meant Epanterias ("Big Ep"?!?).

>John Schneiderman

Thomas R. HOLTZ
Vertebrate Paleontologist, Dept. of Geology
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