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re: Sue

With regards to the dino 'Sue' and her plight at the hands of our (US)
illustrious government...

First, I only know what I've read here about this situation.
Can anyone give me some references to check this subject out and
find out what's going on?

Paul listed the following sources, and actually I was wondering if
there were others as well.

Thank you for your time.

- Bec

Sources: (from ppjanke@maroon.tc.umn.edu)

1) Science Times; A Dinosaur named Sue Divides Fossil Hunters
   by Malcolm W. Brown, July 21, 1992.

2) The Missouri Basin Rider; The Strange and Terrible Saga of
   Kevin and the Dinosaur. by Bob Newland, Aug. 1992

3) The Missouri Basin Rider; Excerpts from the Appeal filed to 
   the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of the Black Hills 
   Institute of Geological Research 7/20/92.
   by Mark F. Marshall and Patrick Duffy, Bangs, McCullen,Butler,
   Foye & Simmons, Rapid City SD

4) The Guardian; Digging the Dirt on a Dinosaur
   by Peter Smith, Oct 9, 1992

5) Newsweek; Fossils Are for Everyone
   by Greg Retallack, Jan. 11, 1993

6) The American Lawyer; Tyrannosaurus Lex
   by Alison Frankel, December 1992