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Re: Flora that our friends ate and hid in

Stewart Alcorn writes:

>However, I am having a difficult time finding a good book or two
>illustrating the flora of the period.

You might want to try another mailing list.  I don't really know
anything about it, but perhaps the person (on this list) who told me
about it will chime in with information about how to go about
subscribing.  In any case, the list is:


Note the British spelling of "palaeo".  And as a list administrator, I
*HIGHLY* recommend that you try to find out how to subscribe to it
before sending mail to the above address!!!

>Also, is there a book compiling the skeletal and musculature drawings
>of dinosaurs by Gregory Paul, or anyone else for that matter?

I gather you know about (and are asking for something more complete
than) Paul's own _Predatory Dinosaurs of the World_?

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I'm going to dive once more
into administrivia.  I'm sure that some of you are sitting on the edge
of your seats with regards last week's vote.  I received 30
unequivocal votes as to where the "Reply-to:" line should direct
responses.  17 of those votes were in favor of change.  However, I
felt that the ballotting wasn't quite fair since we didn't know about
the possibility of the current configuration of the "To:" line.  I
thus sent e-mail to those 17 people and asked them if they still felt
strongly that the "Reply-To:" field be changed.  Not all of them have
responded, but at this point even if all of the remainders requested
the change, the final number would be less than 13 (not to mention the
fact that some of the original 17 should now be added to the original
13 since they flip-flopped after I sent them mail).  So, apologies to
those that still wish the change, but I fear that things will remain
as they are.  

There's one final thing I had to share about the entire issue before
(hopefully) being done with it (for at least a month :-).

The following two quotes came to me within about 5 minutes of each
other (from different people of course):

} I vote to keep it the way it is.  It's the way MOST lists work.

] Since virtually every other list I am aware of operates the opposite
] way by default,

Ya just gotta love life on the internet :-) :-)

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)