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Re: Flora that our friends ate and hid in

>Hello fellow dino nuts!
>I am an artist interested in prehistoric beasts.  As we all know, there are
>a several books graphically depicting dinosaurs and their kin.  However, I am
>having a difficult time finding a good book or two illustrating the flora of
>the period. If any of you could recommend a scientifically up-to-date and
>accurate reference I would greatly appreciate it.  Also, is there a book
>compiling the skeletal and musculature drawings of dinosaurs by Gregory
>Paul, or anyone else for that matter?
>Thank you in advance      Stewart

Czerkas, S. and Czerkas, S. 1992? (maybe 1, maybe 3).  Dinosaurs:  A Global

This book is available in many bookstores.  The text isn't very good, and
often wrong (i.e.,antorbital fenestrae are always called anti-orbital (often
with the hypen)), but the illustrations are excellent.  Henderson, in
particular, has gone to great effort to show the correct plants.

Unfortunately, there is no one single source with all of Greg Paul's
illustrations, and there are many which haven't been published yet.  (My
particular favorite is a reconstruction of the ankylosaurid Euoplocephalus in
front view, which I call "Wide Load") Predatory Dinosaurs of the World, of
course, has many theropod illos, but for other groups you have to sift through
his article in Dinosaurs: Past and Present and various journals and dinosaur


Thomas R. HOLTZ
Vertebrate Paleontologist, Dept. of Geology
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