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Sources for Sue info

Bec wrote:
>First, I only know what I've read here about this situation.
>Can anyone give me some references to check this subject out and
>find out what's going on?

This should get you started:
Buying Time, by Greg Breining, Audobon, Nov-Dec 1991.

G-Men Capture T.Rex, Discover, Jan 1993.

The Government Attack on Fossil Collectors by Steve Voynick,
Rock and Gem, Dec 1992.

Bum Rap for a Dinosaur named Sue? by Deroy Murdock,
The Washington Times, 6-12-1993.

Overzealous Feds Bury Study of a Major Dinosaur Fossil, by Bruce Fein,
Insight, 6-22-1992.

Gov't Puts Squeeze on Fossil Collectors, by Andrew Smith,
Indian Artifact Magazine, Aug 1993.

Keeping the Faith, by Kristin Donnan,
Lapidary Journal, Sep 1993.

Looking for Tyrannosaurus Rex, by David S. Jackson,
Time, 8-16-1993.

NOVA Crew Films Beginning of Latest Harding County T-Rex Find,
Nations Center News, 7-14-1993.

A Dinosaur by Any Other Name, by Deborah A. Ein,
Lapidary Journal, Nov 1992.

Superb Fossil sparks legal battle, by Pat Denato,
Des Moines Sunday Register, 1-10-1993.

"Hill City Sue" battle goes on, by Diane Hanson,
The Sparta Herald, 1-11-1993.

ABC News Primetime Live with Sam Donaldson and Diane Sawyer,
Transcript #279, A Dinosaur Named Sue, 1-7-1993.

Fossil Hunters still waiting, 
Rapid City Journal, 1-22-1993.

Prosecutors harassing clients, say attorneys, by Bill Harlan,
Rapid City Journal, 1-23-1993.

IRS agents seize Black Hills Institute records,
Rapid City Journal, 1-27-1993.

Tribal member hopes big brother is watching,
Indian Country Today, 1-28-1993.

Judge Rules T. rex not institute's, by Bill Harlan,
Rapid City Journal, 2-4-1993.

Kids respond to a dinosaur named Sue, by Andrew Smith,
Rapid City Reporter, 2-5-1993.

Dinosaur Fossil Belongs Not Just To the Ages but to the Government,
by Malcolm W. Brown, N.Y. Times, 2-5-1993.

Hill City reeling from economic blows, by Hugh O'Gara,
Rapid City Journal, 2-5-1993.

Investigation should be examined, 
Rapid City Reporter, 2-5-1993.

Prosecutors tight-lipped in T. rex case,
Capital Journal, 2-4-1993.

Scientists fighting for "Sue", by Ann-Eve Pedersen,
Tucson Citizen, 2-6-1993.

Sioux Tribe to file claim for T. rex in court, by Bill Harlan,
Rapid City Journal, 2-13-1993.

Hill City residents rise to challenge of tough times, by Hugh O'Gara,
Rapid City Journal, 2-21-1993.

"Sue" Update, by Karen Reedstrom,
Full Context, 2-1993.

FBI's Institute investigation leaves many bewildered, by Andrew Smith,
Rapid City Reporter, 3-19-1993.