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Another dino dig

<<<Text from flyer follows.>>>

Dinosaur Field Opportunity
August 2 - 7 or 8 - 15, 1994

Imagine the thrill of being the first person to discover a fossil that
has been buried for more than 65 million years!

Once again Cranbrook Institute of Science is joining with Dinosaur
Research Expeditions to offer a paleontology field opportunity. We
will assist in the recovery of dinosaur eggs, egg shells and nests and
prospect other fossil sites in the hills and gullies of northeastern 
Montana in an effort to reconstruct ancient vertebrate ecology.

People (like you) who are interested in earth science field work are
invited to participate in all phases of a paleontological expedition.
A partial _Troodon_ egg, ceratopsian skull, four-foot femur and many
smaller dinosaur bones have been removed from the area.

Camp begins with evening dinner. Bring your own tent and personal
supplies. To keep the costs within an affordable range for everyone,
we will all share in meal preparation and camp clean-up. Portable
chemical toilets are arranged, showers are in town or swimming in the
Fresno Reservoir.

Camp fee:     $425 for Institute members
              $500 for non-members
This fee includes:
%     A pre-trip Saturday morning preparation class at the Institute
      in early July.
%     Institute trip leader in camp.
%     Arrival pick-up and departure delivery in Havre, Montana.
%     Daily field transportation to the sites.
%     Field instruction (ratio of about 1:5).
%     Continental breakfasts, picnic lunches, snacks and evening
%     Evening chats under the "Big Sky."

Not included is your transportation to Havre, Montana. Camp is best
reached by auto or Amtrak train to Havre. The nearest large airport is
2 1/2 hours away at Great Falls, served easiest by Northwest Airlines.

GROUP SIZE IS LIMITED to six! Please return your registration form and
$125 non-refundable reservation fee as quickly as possible. To confirm
scheduling, the balance is due by June 10, 1994. Contact the
Institute's group leader, Carole DeFord, at (810) 645-3214.

Note: There are only one or two spaces remaining in this expedition.
Carole DeFord's direct e-mail address is aa634@detroit.freenet.org.

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