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This is some info on Sue I got off of gopher;

Discoverer: The Black Hills Institute, Inc. (Sue Hendrickson)

Excavator/Prep.: Pete Larson and staff

Occurance: Hell Creek Formation - silt and sandstone (U. Cret.)

General       : Largest most complete and best preserved T-Rex
Description   Would have stood 20 feet tall
                     41 feet from nose to tip of tail
                     Judged to be female

Skeletal: Femur 54" in length
               A complete pelvis
               A nearly complete torso
               The first nearly complete tail ever recovered
               The first complete T-Rex shoulder girdle ever found
               Radius, ulna, and hand bones of the front arms
               Complete rear legs
               Beautifully preserved and articulated 5 foot long skull
               Lower jaw with many serrated 12" dagger-like teeth

Associated : At least 3 more Tyrannosauri.  Size variations suggest 
Fossils         the possibility of a familly unit 
                    A duckbill dinosaur. Etching by stomach acids indicate 
                     that it had been consumed by Sue
                    A slightly disarticulated turtle skull
                    Crocodile remains
                    Lizard remains
                    Fish remains.

I hope you find this useful, Gabhan.