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Re: SUE - the legal morass

Julia wrote:
>In the meantime, it is useful to spread the word about what is
>going on - from whatever side you espouse.  The worst aspect
>of these issues is that not only are the bones hidden away, but
>the arguments are, as well.  It seems that not much has been
>published on this issue since 1992.  Let's keep Sue alive in the
>minds of people who might have something to contribute.

This is a very good point. However, it's up to the general public to
deliver on this. Don't expect many professional paleontologists to
speak up on this issue. Although most will tell you privately that
they are appalled at the seizure and the treatment of BHIGR, they are
understandably prudent when it comes to public comments on this issue.
They don't want their lives disrupted and I don't blame them. For the
Bakkers, Ostroms, Retallacks, etc. out there who _have_ publicly 
condemned the actions of Schieffer, congratulations on your courage!

>I might note that in this month's National Geographic there is
>a note about how to tell the sex of  a T.Rex using Sue as archtype.
>Keep Sue before the public, and she just may emerge from her
>boiler room  in our lifetime.

Thanks to Pete Larson and the BHIGR for their huge contributions to our 
knowledge about the history of life on this planet, particularly T. rex.