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Re: fossil degradation

 > I know the curator in charge of watching
 > over Sue.

I am glad to hear this. I am perfectly willing to accept that
the Colorado School of Mines is capable of properly caring
for a fossil.  (If they are not, Colorado had better remove
their certification, as they are unqualified to teach geology).
 > Probably in this whole legal morass no matter which side you are on
 in this
 > issue I think the largest villian is not the Larsons, nor the South
 > School of Mines who is storing it, nor the tribe or landowners. It
 was the
 > Feds who in their usual way, coupled with an obvious attempt for
 > glory seeking, really bungled this one.

Quite.  I have never believed anything else.

The idea that something as large as a 50 ft. dinosaur could be
"sprited away" without that being seen is ludicrous.  Impounding
it was a stupid act.
 > What I would like to see is that the specimen be put under some kind
 > trusteeship that allows any and all to study it, allows it to be
 > and any curation needed to proceed. And that it should be in a place
 > all of us can see an enjoy it.

True.  I have called for this more than once.

Under the circumstances, I think the Colorado School of Mines
is a logical choice for the trustee.

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