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The following comes from _Tracks_in_Time_, the newsletter from the
Garden Park Paleontology Society in Colorado.


Dinosaur Happenings

A number of events and learning opportunities will be occurring over the
next few months. Here is just a sampling you might like to take part in:

The certification program at the Denver Museum of Natural History has put
out a spring course schedule. This is probably the best paleontology
certification program in the country so you may want to take a look and
see what is offered. ...Anyone interested in getting started [may] call the
museum directly at (303) 370-8287 and speak with Anne Black, program

The Friends of Dinosaur Ridge group are very active in the Denver area.
They also publish a newsletter and are in the process of developing plans
for a visitor center. You may wish to contact them by writing to: Friends
of Dinosaur Ridge, Morrison Natural History Museum, P.O. Box 564,
Morrison, CO 80465 to learn about their organization and their programs.

A symposium on the Morrison Formation will be held at the Denver Museum
of Natural History May 26 and 27. A wide variety of scientists will be
giving presentations on numerous Morrison Formation subjects. Following
the formal symposium, a field trip for attendees will visit the Garden
Park Fossil Area on May 28. This symposium is a great opportunity to get
acquainted with these scientists and for them to get acquainted with you.
Please contact Ann Beck at DMNH, (303) 370-8287 for information about
registering for the symposium. (Registration is $55.)

1994 marks the 25th anniversary of the Florissant Fossil Beds National
Monument. The National Park Service along with the Friends of Florissant
Fossil Beds are celebrating with a number of special activities. The
celebrations will begin around April 22nd with a "barn raising" to place a
protective structure over the top of the tree stumps to protect them from
weathering. The major celebration will occur around August 21 and 22.
The NPS is working with surrounding landowners and communities to
provide positive regional benefits. They have an active citizens support
group known as the Friends of Florissant Beds which assist the NPS in a
number of areas. For information on helping with the celebration
events, call (719) 748-3253.

The South Dakota School of Mines is offering a number of field excavation
learning opportunities this summer in both Cretaceous dinosaurs and
"giant pigs and rhinos." Contact Dr. Richard Bjork at (605) 394-2467
if you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity.

Dinamation International has opportunities for the entire family to
get involved in three to 10 day field excavations. If you are interested,
call (800) DIG-DINO.


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