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I am trying to development an understanding of the strange theropods of
Cretaceous Asia.  I have the following listing for the Therizinosauroids
showing the genre now described.  If there are any others I have not
listed please let me know.  Exact relationships have not been determined
as of yet.

Therizinosauroidea (Maleev, 1954)
    Alxasauridae (Russell & Dong, 1993)
        Alxasaurus (Russell & Dong, 1993)
            A. elesitaiensis (Russell & Dong, 1993)
    Enigmosauridae (Barsbold & Perle, 1983)
        Enigmosaurus (Barsbold & Perle, 1983)
            E. mongoliensis (Barsbold & Perle, 1983)
    Segnosauridae (Perle, 1979)
           "Chilantaisaurus" zheziangensis (Dong, 1979)
        Erlikosaurus (Perle, 1981)
            E. andrewsi (Perle, 1981)
        Nanshiungosaurus (Barsbold & Maryanska, 1990)
            N. brevispinus (Barsbold & Maryanska, 1990)
        Segnosaurus (Perle, 1979)
            S. galbinensis (Perle, 1979)
    Therizinosauridae (Maleev, 1954)
        Therizinosaurus (Maleev, 1954)
            T. cheloniformis (Maleev, 1954)

    segnosaur incertae sedis:
        elements belonging to cotype of Alectrosaurus olseni
John Schneiderman