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Feedback on documentary

I've been lurking on this list for almost a year (I think) and want to
thank everyone for the vast amount of information and resources I've been
able to pick up from the commentary. And now I'd like some feedback from
any of you on my topic. For the past year I've been working with Louis
Jacobs, paleontologist at Southern Methodist Univ., and Dallas museums to
put together a video documentary on the dinosaur finds in northern Texas.
I would be interested to hear what documentary videos you consider well
done, and which have presented information that was either misleading or
explained too little of the science. Any advice on what topics have not
been adequately covered would be of interest as well. I'm trying to
present the viewer with a greater scope of the collecting and lab process
than they saw in Jurassic Park - in 30 minutes! The result is targeted for
PBS broadcast and perhaps museum sales.

Thanks for your help.

Kelly Lewis
MFA student, Radio/Television
SMU, Dallas, TX