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Re: classification

>Can anyone recommend a good reference for learning about

   AUTHOR: Eldredge, Niles.
    TITLE: Phylogenetic patterns and the evolutionary process : method and
           theory in comparative biology
PUBLISHER: Columbia University Press, 1980.
 SUBJECTS: Phylogeny   Evolution   Biology--Classification
   1.    CALL NUMBER: QH367.5 .E38
::Good introduction.  Easy to follow.

   AUTHOR: Nelson, Gareth J.
    TITLE: Systematics and biogeography : cladistics and vicariance
PUBLISHER: Columbia University Press, 1981.
 SUBJECTS: Biology--Classification   Biogeography
   1.    CALL NUMBER: QH83 .N4
::One of the standards.

   AUTHOR: Wiley, E. O.
    TITLE: Phylogenetics : the theory and practice of phylogenetic
PUBLISHER: Wiley, c1981.
 SUBJECTS: Phylogeny.   Biology--Classification.   Cladistic analysis.
   1.    CALL NUMBER: QH83 .W52
::Another standard text.

   AUTHOR: Sober, Elliott.
    TITLE: Reconstructing the past : parsimony, evolution, and inference
PUBLISHER: MIT Press, c1988.
 SUBJECTS: Evolution--Philosophy.   Biology--Philosophy.
   1.    CALL NUMBER: QH371 .S63 1988
::Very good coverage.  Sober, in the end, comes down against Cladistics.
Still a wonderfully clear discussion of the issues involved.

   AUTHOR: Ridley, Mark.
    TITLE: Evolution and Classification: The Reformation of Cladism
PUBLISHER: Longman, c1986.
 SUBJECTS: Cladistic analysis.   Evolution.
   1.    CALL NUMBER: QH83 .R49 1986
::A short and rich read.  If you can find this one, do so.