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Re: mammoths/mastodons

Barry wrote:
>(2) In a recent episode of "Northern Exposure", a frozen Wooly Mammoth is
>unearthed and before anyone from a university can examine it, it is hauled
>away and butchered by an eccentric old character. Have there been many finds
>of frozen Mammoths/Mastodons in the Northern reaches of Canada/Alaska? Do you
>think it is probable that this flesh would be edible after 10,000 yrs plus?
>I wonder if the Inuit have found and eaten these in recent times? 

I have heard of frozen mammoths/mastodons in Siberia being found where wolves
had been eating the flesh. Sorry, I don't have any references to list as to
where I read this (newspaper years ago, maybe?).

Scott Horton
Geophysicist/Computer Programmer