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A couple of questions

> (1) I remember as a boy in the late 50's , early 60's I read an article about
> a person finding a _LIVE_ Pterodactyl or Pteradon, I can't remember.

Relying on my often-faulty memory, this story is recounted in Reader's
Digest's "Strange Stories Amazing Facts" book.  Coal miners around the
end of the 19th century hacked into a hollow place, and a leathery,
pterosaur of some kind fell out, squawked, flapped around, and died.
No mention of what was done with the body.

The same article mentions toads found encased in structures thought to
be thousands-to-millions of years old and speculates about super-hybernation.

Another interesting find was a bunch of hippo (?) skeletons inside a
formation that had no way in.  Sort of like a giant geode.

This was not a scientific book, and I'm not a scientist.  I'm not passing
this on as established fact, just something that should be able to be
looked up.

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