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Fwd: Re: A couple of questions

Never heard the story about a live pterasaur being found. This has to be a
myth. As with all these stories the physical evidence has long since

 Sometime In the past 3-4 months either Natural History or Discover Magazine(
I think it was Discover) ran a great color layout and article on pterosaurs.
Hundreds of new fossils have been found recently especially in So. America.
It was a very informative article unfortunately I lost the magazine it was

I have read in several books and magazines over the years that the Czars and
Russian nobility consider Mamoth meat to be a great delicacy and whenever one
was found fresh frozen it was reserved for the Czar's banquet table. I do not
know if frozen Mamoths have been foun in Alaska but they are definetly found
in Siberia (skeletons have been uncovered all over the US. A complete
Mastodon skel. was found only a few miles from house in  west suburban
Chicago area about 10 years ago.)

One question that has puzzled  scientists is how were the Siberian mamoths
flash frozen with no or little spoilage. The food in there stomachs is even
fresh and undigested consisting of fresh grass and flowers which implies they
died in spring or summer. How could they freeze quickly and stay frozen at
that time of year so that the meat is still edible? Good quetion.

I am not a scientist either, but have always been interested in paleolithic
life. I just signed on to this list yesterday and it is great.