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Help my foggy memory please!

On a totally different forum, I relied on my ever-faulty
memory and made what could be an overblown or unsupportable
claim, but one which I thought was documented.

Can anyone give a reference?

The possibly overblown claim was that we have (in the
recent past, I said since the Industrial Revolution) had
killed off and were still killing off about the same number
of species (I meant in percentage terms, I guess) as when
the dinosaurs died out; in other words, we are artificially
creating one of the great biological extinction events that
some think happen every 26 million years ago.

So, exactly what is the scoop?  Have we already done so?
Are we going to do so in a mere couple of years?

I also have read/heard claims that something like half of
the land species exist in the Amazon basin and the claim is
we'll wipe most of it out in a couple more decades of slash
and burn agriculture.  Is the 50% number (or something very
like it) true?  Have we already wiped out a large number of
species there?

Can anyone cite some sources that either confirm it or
semi-confirm it?  I know something like this is going on,
but I wonder if it really is quite on that order of magnitude
or merely threatening to get there if we don't wise up fast.

Larry Loen