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New List Announcement

My apologies if you have already received this anouncement.

         Announcing a New List: Natural Literacy

This list is founded for the purpose of discussing books and
other resource materials (tapes, software, and artwork)
pertaining to nature, environmental science and outdoor
activities.  This can include good books on environmental
education, environmental law, resource management, meteorology,
plant and animal identification, and mountaineering, bicycling
or backpacking guidebooks.

Natural Literacy is based on the premise that knowledge about the
earth will help to save and preserve her.  And learning is fun
too!  If you agree then this mailing list is for you

Appropriate contributions will include:
   > Recommendations for good reading
   > Recommendations for people requesting information
   > Book reviews-- professionally or semi-professionally written
   > Announcements of new book releases
   > Discussion of ideas for potential authors of new books

To subscribe to the mailing list send an email message to:


Send the message:  SUBSCRIBE NATLIT-L <First Name><Last Name>

This is a moderated list.  The list-owner is Geoffrey Gothelf,
founder of Natural Literacy, a book selling company with an
electronic catalog on the EnviroLink FreeNet (Telnet or gopher