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Hi all.

I have just returned from a vacation in Portugal to find my e-mail from
dinosaurs numbering in the 100's.  Great to read through the debates on
my return.  I have just finished writing two books on dinosaurs which
will be coming out sometime in the future (probably next year) which
include wonderful images of dinosaurs from the picture library of
Dorling Kindersley.  If anyone wants good images of dinosaurs (from
models by Robbie Braun and others) look out for the Ultimate Dinosaur
published by DK.  My book with DK is only a pocket book for children 
and those with a non-professional interest.  My other book is not
finished yet and is with Readers Digest (I don't know what it will be
like yet).

On the Portugese front, I looked at the Geological Survey's dinosaur egg
from Alfeizarao and decided it was not an egg at all but the ball of a
femur or similar.  The other eggs recorded in the new dinosaur eggs and
babies book from Lourinha, may not be dinosaur eggs either.  They look
more like crocodile eggs.  I will have to contact Pedro Dantas to find
out his thoughts on the matter.  Pedro was a dinosaur scientist in
Lisbon with Prof. Galopim, but could not continue his studies because of
a lack of interest in the natural sciences in Portugal.  He is now a
school teacher in Lourinha.  The museum in Lourinha is small and
difficult to find as locals have no interest in it.  It is world class
in the display of dinosaur and associated material.  I find it hard to
think of a European museum to rival it, and I have seen national and
local museums in over sixteen European countries.  For the funding it
receives, it must be 'the best little museum in museum in the world'.

Neil Clark
Hunterian Museum
University of Glasgow