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Re: Fwd: Re: A couple of questions

 > I have read in several books and magazines over the years that the
 Czars and
 > Russian nobility consider Mamoth meat to be a great delicacy and
 whenever one
 > was found fresh frozen it was reserved for the Czar's banquet
 > One question that has puzzled  scientists is how were the Siberian
 > flash frozen with no or little spoilage.

This also is a myth.  It is not true.  The meat was actually quite

 > The food in there stomachs is even
 > fresh and undigested consisting of fresh grass and flowers which
 implies they
 > died in spring or summer. How could they freeze quickly and stay
 frozen at
 > that time of year so that the meat is still edible?

It wasn't still edible, and the flowers were not particularly fresh.

If you research the matter you will find that in that region
giant blocks of ice remain frozen all year - producing what
are called inselbergs (at aleast I think that is the correct
term).  These blocks are often covered with earth, and thus
look much like large hills.

What happen was that the mammoths would start walking across
these "hills" and fall into a crevice in the ice that was covered
in dirt.  (Ice on that scale tends to form crevices readily).
There they *slowly* froze, as would be expected of so large
an animal.

It is all perfectly normal.  There is nothing mysterious about
it at all.   I bet those magazines were all low-grade popular
rags - they were weren't they?  Such works tend to simply *copy*
data from older works without careful checking.  (I have seen
recent childrens books on dinosaurs that *still* mention the idea
that "brontosaurus" had to live in the water to support its weight,
despite that being long since disproved).

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