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Feedback on the Dinosaur by Lucas

        I received a copy of the book Dinosaurs by Spenser G. Lucas.  There
is a slight possibility that I might use it as a text for a paleontology
course next semester.  I like the layout and it looks like a good book,
but can any of you give me more specifics on its strengths and
weaknesses. Vertebrate paleontology is a bit out of my area so I don't
feel that good in judging. 

        By the way not using a dinosaur book for a text is because with
covering invertebrates somewhat responsibly (I use Clarkson.) and some
microfossils leaves me with little room to add another major topic.
Besides as a Carboniferous palynologist, I am stretched as much as I
should be.  However, I would like to introduce the class a little to
vertebrates and will at least use this text as a source (or some others
that you may suggest).

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