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Lightwaves response to offer-plea

I did not intend to step on sensitive toes, concerning digs which are not
"hobby" oriented but rather subsidized by interested non professionals.  I
was hasty, and misinformed as to the nature of those efforts.  I am sorry for
that mind set and ignorance, which will not be repeated.
Now for those responding to my plea-offer, thank you.  I expect there will be
more opportunities than I am able to respond to.

Mike Nelson, I appreciate the effort.
Bill Barbour, I can't get The Learning Channel either.
Richard Stucky, 512 E. Drilling   Morrilton, AR 72110 I'll try the U of A
M.O. Woodburne, I hope someone reads this in the proper light.(argh.)
Betty Cunningham, have pencil, Mac, and Photoshop.  Will travel.
Russ Jacobson, again I apologize for being ignorant of the facts, and much
Dr. C. Beard,  I will follow your suggestions and look forward to further
Brent Breithaupt, thanks for the phone call, and watch over that site we
talked of.  Long live Sauropods!

In case some of you haven't noticed I am determined to be involved in this
field of study, come hell or high water.  Bear with me, if you can, or ignore
my e-mail if you can't.  Either way I'm in this and plan on staying.

On my own or with the guidance of a professional I am going to find
dinosaurs.  I've done it before, and I will again.  The next time I will be
more prepared, both mentally and emotionally.  Suggest reading, give me names
to report suspected finds to, or any help you can think of.  Don't hate me
for my passion, and I won't be jealous of you because of your knowledge.
Bones are rotting while WE are talking this over, and only WE can stop it.